Korean Beauty Haul

October 26, 2013 § 1 Comment


Well to start off, I am a currently teaching English in Korea… This country is all about beauty and skincare.

While here, I have been able to pick up some goodies at some of my favorite cosmetic stores, Etude House and Holika Holika. Both places have such great quality and are very affordable. I have a few other products that I have bought, but I haven’t tried out yet (I will post those soon).

So, here are some of my favorite products and some that I just won’t buy again.

*Note that I use ~ when talking about the price because here they use Korean won for currency.

1 and 2. Etude House “Look at” Lipstick in color 6 and color 4 (~4 USD)

  • Overall, the packaging is pretty cute… seems like the standard plastic lipsticks. Not the best, but I have seen worst. As far as pigmentation, they are true to color. The red is more orange, and the pink is more like a soft pink. When applied, the makeup consistency is very creamy and glides on very easily. I’ve tested them, and they last about 3-5 hours without drying my lips out. Overall, I would recommend this product: it’s cheap, worth the price, and has great color payoff. It would be great for on-the-go type of days.

3. Holika Holika “Aqua Petit Jelly B.B” in color 02 (~13 USD)

  • While here, I have been trying to find the perfect B.B cream, because I am sure you’ve heard, Korea has the best product for Asian B.B creams. I bought this one because I heard that this is a definite must have in one’s makeup collection! The packaging is super cute! It shaped exactly like a Jelly, it also has a sturdy glass bottle, and it has a little spatula inside! I’ve tested this one out for about a month now, and I can definitely say that has to be the perfect B.B cream for my preference. I don’t like when B.B creams smell straight like a sunscreen bottle, or when it is REALLY think in consistency. The texture of this B.B cream is that of exactly what it says, “Jelly.” It is a light application and finished matte. I prefer a matte finish, which is totally different because the B.B creams here leave that glowing dewing finish that Koreans have. Again, this is a light applications, so if you have blemishes you need to conceal, or a little bit more redness, you should use concealer with this product. I would say that it last around 8 hours a day, and around 5 hours without blotting. I haven’t broke out with this B.B which is also a plus. Overall, this product is a must have for me. It is also very cheap in price and great in quality.

4. Etude House “Correct and Conceal CC Cream Glow 8 in 1 Multi-Function SPF 30/PA++” in color 2 (~14 USD)

  • To start, here are the features of the 8 in 1 Multi-Function: Wrinkle Care Essence + Stress Care Essence + Water Cream + UV Protect + Whitening Essence + Make-up Base + Primer + Glow Volumer
  • This product is one of the products that I don’t see myself buying again. I tried it out for about 2 weeks and it kept breaking me out. Methods I used were that I tried this CC creme alone and under makeup and it seemed as though it made my skin have that white cast, really oily, and smells of really strong sunscreen. I didn’t try it long enough to say that this product has helped my skin in any way. The only positive feedback that I would give this product is that I do like the packaging. It has a pump which is really sanitary and not messy. Overall, this product is cheap, but not worth the money.

5. Etude House “Good-bye Trouble BB Magic Mist” (~6 USD)

  • Here are some active ingredients: Chamomile Extract, Aloe Vera Gel, and Centella Asiatica
  • I actually really like this mist! I see many different face mists from many different brands, but I decided to try this because I saw it in a review from AprilAthena7 Youtube channel. I have only this mist and MAC fix+, so I can’t really compare different ones. The overall packaging is really cute. It is very compact, so I think it would be perfect for travel, or if you need a little face refresher at work/school. You can use this before and after your makeup, but always use this after. It makes me makeup look very soft and not cakey looking. Overall, I do think this is worth the money, and it is a great recommendation from AprilAthena7!

6. Etude House “Lash Perm All Shockcara (waterproof)” in color black (~11 USD)

  • So, I picked this mascara up because I needed a new mascara and it was a 1+1 deal because this was the mascara they were advertising in the store. I have Asian lashes—really short and grow downwards. The thing that stood out to me was the name! Lash Perm, what better way to fix my little lashes with some curl! Anyway, this mascara is okay. I don’t think I will purchase this again because I don’t really feel that it did much for my lashes. I have to seem to put on many coats and it doesn’t hold my curl. A positive is that it is VERY waterproof. It doesn’t smudge or start to crack which is good. Overall, I think I will try a different brand or type of mascara to make my Asian lashes have some personality!

7. Holika Holika “Jewel-light Waterproof Eyeliner” in color 1 (~4 USD)

  • This is personally my new favorite eyeliner; it even beats eyeliner back at home! It is perfect for the inner rims and even to make a cat eye. As for as consistency it, glides on like butter and dries fairly quickly! It also lives up to the name “Waterproof” because it does not budge— definite must to take it off with a oil based eye makeup remover. I loved it soo much, I even bought the colors 8 (teal) and 19 (glittery peach). I will have to get more especially to bring back home 🙂  Overall, they are are such a great price and a must have!

8. Etude House “Kissful Tint Choux”in color 1 (~4USD)

  1. I have never really been into lip stains, but they are big here! I saw a video with Bubzbeauty showing these. There were about 5 colors there I bought one because I wanted to try it out—she said she loved them! In agreement with her, I also love them! The packaging reminds me of a cupcake, who wouldn’t love something like that. This product is excellent! The lippy is extremely pigmented, so you only need a little of it. When it is on, it is very moisturizing, which is something you wouldn’t expect with a lip stain to be. The finish is very glossy and it lasts on for quite a while. Overall, this product is also a must—price is affordable and quality is perfection in my opinion.

Well, I hope this helps in some way! You can also get these products fromhttp://www.imomoko.com/ I know this blog has a lot of information, but I am hoping to really improve with my blogging skills! I promise to have better and more exact pictures of the products. Bear with me 🙂

See you again soon! ❤


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